Monday, April 19, 2010

Chinese Monkey

Well it has been eventful! China has been very good to us. I previously mentioned about our concert that we had for the school. We were displayed like little monkeys. I kinda felt like those monkey's that just sit there and bang 2 cymbals together. Shaw of course was our little rock star that played on the drums while I danced, well attempted to dance. And considering who was dancing with me, I did a pretty good job. Shaw did good considering his seat collapsed beneath him half way through the performance but of course "the show must go on." I was wearing bright purple leggings with black high heels and a grey shirt. Shaw had a matching purple and white stripped polo and a big mo-hawk. It was great. I'll put the pictures up on photobucket so you can see how crazy we looked. We played the maroon 5 song, "This love" and the entire time shaw said, "oh this would be so good if Kemper and Seth were here." Well this whole trip has been, "oh this would be so good if Kemper and Seth were here." I really need to learn Chinese. Anyways, All the Chinese people clapped for us but i think they were just being polite. I'll try to upload the video so everyone can watch it. Our little kids preformed too! They were so cute. They did this little runway show and had a little dance. I dont really know the meaning behind all of that but thats not surprising because I really dont know the meaning behind anything here, thats why i have shaw. He knows everything.

Which reminds me, The people love shaw here. They always come up to him and tell him how handsome he is. Which is pretty awkward sometime because a lot of them our men. I dont know about you but if I was a man, I wouldn't want other men telling me how attractive I was. Anyways, Then when he starts speaking Chinese and they think he's a genius. Well this works great to my advantage because then when he tells them I'm his wife they give me tons of compliments. It doesn't really bother me that the compliments aren't sincere, the chinese just want to get on Shaws good side. Well and some of them try to get him married off. Good thing were already married because I wouldn't trust these chinese women for a second. hahaha just kidding

For example....The other day we went and got our hair washed while the other girls got their nails done. After our relaxing hair washing experience (Which everyone should fly to china and get their hair washed, ITS GREAT!) we went back to the nail salon. Well the owner saw shaw and started talking to him in Chinese and then tried to hook him up on a date with one of her customers. The customer got her make-up, hair, and nails done so shaw translated for the girls and asked if she had a date. So then the owner took that as an invitation which is probably not her fault but either way then she said (In chinese of course), "With you." Well I dont speak Chinese but I can understand when some woman is pushing my husband towards another woman. Yup! Don't you worry, i put her in Check real quick. Well i really didn't because i dont speak Chinese but she saw the look on my face...maybe...or shaw just told her that he was married. Either way, she knew her place. hahaha It's nice to know that so many people think shaw is handsome. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it might.

Were preparing for our Beijing trip in 2 weeks. Were really excited. Were taking a 21 hour train from Guangzhou to Beijing. Then were taking a bus from Beijing to Xi'an and then flying form Xi'an to Guangzhou. Were taking a 4 mile hike on the great wall and zip lining off the great wall. I dont think zip lining is that cool but its really cool to say that we can do that. Were going to do lots of shopping and hopefully eat lots of good food because I am HUNGRY! I'll post some pictures and try to keep you posted!

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