Monday, April 12, 2010

And then some more China

You just have to love a country/culture that has designated nap time during the day. China continues to surprise me everyday. It's been awhile since I updated this thing so I'll try and capture all the important things. Teaching is going well. Nothing interesting has really happened except that maybe the children have become more evil. I think one bit shaw the other day. The school came to us and decided that we needed to preform for 800 people. Thankfully, our group is some what musically talented and shaw took the reigns and started a band. I don't really know my place in this band. I think Shaw gave me a tambourine or something like that. I can't mess that up right? The boys are playing some maroon 5 song. One of the guys can sing really well and then the girls are singing back up and dancing. It will be quite the experience im sure. Practice here is a little frustrating but Shaw has played the drums more here than he has in the last 6 months. Either way we preform on April 19th for our school. But the preforming doesn't end. We also taught our 2nd grade class the "Cha Cha Slide." YUP! And they really know how to Cha Cha! Chinese people love to Dance and sing and preform. Sometimes i feel like one of those preforming monkey's you see at the beach. It's kind of funny. The Kindergarten is dancing to the "macarana." It's really cute! I think its just cute because their little because there is something evil in them. I'm just kidding but those kids are crazy.

Recently we went to the beach. We went down to Sonya which is an island close to Vietnam. It was so much fun to just lay out and relax! It was the bus ride down that wasn't so relaxing. one of our group members pulled, What i like to call a "taken." You know the movie taken? Where the girls gets abducted well this creepy chinese man comes up to one of the girls and is all smiling and being scary and says in his little chinese accent, "Where are you going?" Now i know that seems harmless but it wasn't. I just saw someone following our group and stealing all of us. Well i know that's not very realistic and granted im a little over dramatic but still...Don't be stupid. When you dont speak the language and your on a bus that is showing a bunch of stripper movies for 15 hours my suggestion....Dont talk to scary older men. Anyways, Sure enough something has to happen in our group. One of the boys got his wallet stolen on the bus. He fell asleep with his bag open and sure enough POP, shaw and I just adopted and extra child. And just a side note: Children are expensive! That boy eats and spends money like we have unlimited funds. Fortunately for us he paid us back. Anyways, Back to Sonya. So the weather was beautiful and the beach was great!. Shaw burnt like a little crispy taco. Oh man, I want a crispy taco so bad, Minus the rice. I got pretty burned too but now im just tan. We went Jet skiing there. Only we did it though. It was fun driving through all those waves! Shaw got the guy down from 400 Yuan per person to 200 Yuan for both of us. Thats pretty good. We also ate tons of mangos which were so delicious. The sweetest Mango's I have ever eaten. The only problem with the mango's were that the lady selling them to us on the beach insisted we get a coconut. I don't know about you but i had no desire to eat a coconut. I dont even know how to eat one and if i tried i probably just get so frustrated i just hit myself with the coconut. We got the mango's for 2 Yuan a piece. We gave her a 10 and instead of getting 8 yuan back we got a coconut. THATS AN EXPENSIVE COCONUT! Finally after my little pocket dictionary sweet talked her we got our money back and our mangos. We did a lot of Shopping there and bought some great gifts for family and friends. Coming back wasn't that exciting. We got back so early that we had time to get McDonalds breakfast and was happy because thats the 1 place that we can order without his help. I have some more to tell you but im on my way to go buy plane tickets for my whole group to go to beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou. Wish me luck because i have 11 american passports and over $3,000 USD in my purse.....AGH!!!!!!!!


  1. MY LOVE! i miss you and seriously it is a really good things you have Shaw there to talk to them. Man Chinese can be shady! haha taking 8 yuan for a coconut! haha well I miss you and can't wait to read your next one. i can't wait to see your pictures. i miss you and be safe on your amazing adventures! love ya!

  2. Sester! I hope all is well! My sememster is almost over so I am swomped with final papers and projects. You seem to be doing well! Know that I am thinking of you and miss you! Be safe and talk to you soon. Love y'all!