Friday, March 5, 2010

9 children and counting

I have now discovered what it might feel like to be the duggars. Since our time here in China, I think we adopted 9 new children. No one freak out I dont literally mean 9 Chinese orphans. Are you serious? Our kids are already going to stand out with dark curly hair in shaws family; we dont need to add fuel to the fire. What i mean is all these volunteers with us are quite the handful. We have to use the buddy system and I dont sleep unless i know they are all home safe and sound.

It's been awhile since I wrote in the blog. For some reason i'm having trouble uploading pictures but they will come....hopefully. A lot has happened. It was shaws birthday on tuesday. We threw him a surprise party and we all went out for pizza. Pizza was a nice change because I DONT LIKE CHINESE FOOD. GROSE! We also had all the little children in the Kindergarten sing happy birthday to him. It was so cute. We had a cake for him which was kind of funny tasting but it looked pretty. Either way it was a blast and shaw had no idea that the surprise was coming. YAY!

On Wednesday we had our 1st full day of teaching....uhhhhhhhh. No comment. Ok maybe 1. Let's just say it was a very long day. Thursday, got a little better. Shaw had to teach the 4th grade class and that didn't work out so well. They were being so bad that shaw just started yelling in Chinese at the kids. hahahahaha he broke the 1st rule, it was funny! Well all the little girls were saying he's so cute and all the boys were being mean so shaw was just like, "i can understand you so shut up." uh i dont think 4th grade is shaws choice of age group. Good thing it was only for 3 days. For now on Shaw only has to teach 2nd grade. Oh yeah Shaw also got mad @ the 3rd graders and pushed 1 kid in his chair and told him to shut up. That was funny too. I laughed because I totally gave him permission because those kids are devil children. Shaw just wanted to be like the Chinese teachers so he started yelling. It sounds worse then it really was. Nevermind no it doesn't, shaw says, "it really is that bad." Thursday night we finally got to go to McDonalds. OH MY GOODNESS it was so delicious. I hadn't eaten in 2 days. I dont know how people gain weight here because I've lost 5 pounds since I left America. The chinese cafeteria food stinks here...literally. I want a chimichanga with french fries. Although, I did find one place here that makes good french fries. Anyways, tomorrow were going into the city to do some shopping and were going to buy some bus tickets to go to Guilin. Its too complicated to explain so look it up if you really want. Either way, next weekend we're going on a vacation (YAY) with our 9 little ducklings. Well I'll try to post some pictures of shaws birthday party and where we live.

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